Finance Department

The overall purpose of the Finance Department is to provide financial and related functions for all departments of the Town; including revenue collection and disbursement, accounts payable/receivable, accounting, purchasing, etc. and to assist with preparation of the annual budget.  The Town Manager is charged as the Budget Officer as required by NC General Statute 159-9.  The Town Manager oversees the budget process, submitting the budget to Town Council for their consideration, and preparing the budget ordinance; which establishes the tax rate and authorizes all financial transactions of the Town (with certain exceptions).

Many functions within this department (as currently organized) are covered by the Local Government and Fiscal Control Act and related federal, state and local laws, and administrative regulations, including those of the North Carolina Local Government Commission.

2018-2019 Town of Beech Mountain Budget Information

2018-2019 FY Budget Calendar
Solicitation for Planning Retreat Discussion Topics: 2018-2019 FY Budget
2018-2019 Planning Retreat II Budget Presentation
2018-2019 Approved Budget and Fee Schedule

Town of Beech Mountain Audited Financial Statements

2017 Financial Statement Presentation

2017 Town of Beech Mountain Financial Statements

2016 Town of Beech Mountain Financial Statements

2015 Town of Beech Mountain Financial Statements

2014 Town of Beech Mountain Financial Statements

Town of Beech Mountain Budget

2017 – 2018 Budget
2016 – 2017 Budget
2015 – 2016 Budget
2014 – 2015 Budget
2014 – 2017 Capital Project Ordinance

Tourism Development Authority Audited Financial Statements

2017 TDA Financial Statements
2016 TDA Financial Statements
2015 TDA Financial Statements

2014 TDA Financial Statements

Tourism Development Authority Budget

2017 – 2018 TDA Budget Ordinance
2016 – 2017 TDA Budget Ordinance
2015 – 2016 TDA Budget Ordinance
2014 – 2015 TDA Budget Ordinance

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