Convenience Center- sanitation & recycling

CONVENIENCE CENTER – sanitation and recycling

The Town of Beech Mountain operates a convenience center for recycling at the drop-off located at 510 Beech Mountain Parkway which is adjacent to the Public Works Building.
Ord. No. 2020-04 Solid Waste Amend adopted June-2020

Code of Ordinances Chapter 50: Solid Waste Management

Convenience Center recycling hours:

Open Year Round from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and is always staffed by a Town employee for your assistance.


Please Recycle the following items:

Glass bottles and jars.
Separate bins are provided for green, brown and clear glass bottles and jars. Please rinse all food materials from containers. Discard lids and caps from containers. Please don’t include window glass or crystal.

Aluminum and metal cans. Rinse all food materials from containers. Please, no aluminum foil or pie pans.

Scrap paper, newspaper and magazines. All paper except foil or cellophane may be deposited in the newspaper/magazine bins. If you bring your papers in plastic or paper bags, please don’t throw the bag into the newspaper bin.

#1 and #2 plastic containers. A bin is provided for these two categories of plastic bottles and containers. Plastics other than #1 or #2 should be deposited with your regular trash.

Cardboard boxes. Flatten boxes (corrugated cardboard only, please) before placing into proper bin.


Complying with NC regulations, the Town cannot accept ANY paint, household pesticides or any hazardous material.  Please do not deposit any of this material in the Town’s general waste or recyclable containers or leave it sitting at the Public Works buildings.

Special Pickup Thursday

The Town of Beech Mountain provides special curbside pickups of yard waste (brush and bagged leaves), as well as other materials prohibited in the landfill,  white goods (old refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, etc.), and furniture generated by the property owner. This service is provided to property owners only and is not intended for someone you may hire to clean up your yard or for lot cleaning.  If you have a contractor replace your roof, repair your deck or do other work which generates waste, part of your contract MUST be for the contractor to remove the old materials. 

Material that the Town cannot accept can be taken to the Watauga County Solid Waste and Recycling Department locate at 336 Landfill Road, Boone, NC  28607.  You may call them directly at 828.264.5305.

To arrange a special pickup, call the Public Works Department at 828.387.9282 prior to Thursday morning pickup.  We will be happy to help you.

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