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POSTED Beech Mountain SDF Report 20190813 System Fee Study

Please click on the above link: In accordance with newly adopted legislation, specifically https://www.ncleg.net/Sessions/2017/Bills/House/PDF/H436v6.pdf ; please find the ‘cost-justified water system development fees’ report for the Town of Beech Mountain. System Development Fees Study is receiving comments as per General Statute now through September 30, 2019.  Please send comments to: BMUS@townofbeechmountain.com , Daniel Davis, Public Utilities Superintendent, 828-387-9282 ext. 504.

Utility Projects Completed from 2010 -2019

The Town of Beech Mountain provides water throughout the Town and sewer service to the majority of building sites. Where sewer is not available, a sanitary septic system would be required, for which a permit is required from the Appalachian District Health Department, Route 5, Box 199, Boone, NC 28607, 828/264-4995. The Town Water and Sewer Use Ordinance requires the use of Town water and/or sewer if it is available to the property within 200 feet.  More information concerning utilities can be found in the Town Ordinance Chapter 51: Water and Sewer Use.


Make Your Payment Over the Phone through Official Payments by calling 800.272.9829

Directions on How to Use Official Payments

New Water and Sewer Utility Account Information

A deposit on new residential accounts of $50.00 for water and $50.00 for sewer is required with your application for Utility Service. This deposit is refundable upon request. No interest will accrue to the customer on deposits.  Utility customers can also take advantage of the Town’s free utility draft service.  Forms for these services and more are located below:

Application for Utility Service
Utility Bank Draft Form
Waiver Form for Garbage Bin
Request for Adjustment Form

Rate Schedule for Water and Sewer

Availability Fee

A one-time availability fee will be charged to individuals who place an additional demand on the water or sewer systems. This fee, based upon the Discharge Schedule of the N.C. Department of Natural Resources and Community Development, is $.90/sq. ft. heated space for water, and $.90/sq. ft. heated space for sewer

Water$.90/sq. ft.
Sewer$.90/sq. ft.

New Connection Charges

Tap$1000 water
$1000 sewer
$200 pavement restoration fee if applicable

Water Quality Reports

The Town of Beech Mountain publishes annual reports about the quality of our drinking water and our performance in treating wastewater. Please click the links below for a copy of these reports.

2018 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report

2017 Annual Water Quality Report
Annual Wastewater Report

Studies and Projects

2010 – 2015 Completed Utility Projects
Water and Sewer Study – Marion Rothrock, PE

BEECH MOUNTAIN UTILITIES GIS (may not function in Internet Explorer)

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