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TOWN OF BEECH MOUNTAIN Public Works Department 828-387-9282

Residential trash pick-up is on a normal schedule. In our effort to protect collection workers so they can continue this service, please make sure to place all garbage in a garbage bag, which reduces their exposure potential! Questions concerning Town Utilities Services, call 828-387-9282.  Daniel Davis, Public Works Utilities Director bmus@townofbeechmountain.com

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TUESDAY, October 20, 2020 @ Sunset Strip, the Dog Park and Bark Park Road, and Fox Run

Charter Hills/Greenbrier

Grouse Ridge/ Pond Creek Areas

Ongoing Weekly Projects are occurring in these areas for water and sewer main improvements.  Scheduled outages are to be expected in the 6 hour long estimated time frame, this is only an estimate and outage times may vary due to situation.


Please Call Public Works at 828-387-9282 for More information.

If you experience an outage after 5pm. Please contact dispatch for assistance at 828-387-2342.

The Town of Beech Mountain has undertaken a continuing project to increase water flows for Fire Protection, improve Water Quality, reduce water loss, and improve system longevity.  This project is scheduled for completion in July of 2021 and is part of the ongoing Capital Improvement plan for the betterment of the Town entire.  We apologize for any inconvenience and ask for you continued support and understanding, and we progress in this and other projects.  We are working in many areas of the town on roadways, ditch lines, utility repairs and many other projects that may cause short time delays, all in effort to improve our township.  Please call with any further questions.

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Town of Beech Mountain Wins Second Place Best Tasting Water


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Utility Projects Completed from 2010 -2019

The Town of Beech Mountain provides water throughout the Town and sewer service to the majority of building sites. Where sewer is not available, a sanitary septic system would be required, for which a permit is required from the Appalachian District Health Department, Route 5, Box 199, Boone, NC 28607, 828/264-4995. The Town Water and Sewer Use Ordinance requires the use of Town water and/or sewer if it is available to the property within 200 feet.  More information concerning utilities can be found in the Town Ordinance Chapter 51: Water and Sewer Use.

Pay Utilities at EasyPay
Make Your Payment Over the Phone through Payments by calling 866.275.6194

New Water and Sewer Utility Account Information

A deposit on new residential accounts of $50.00 for water and $50.00 for sewer is required with your application for Utility Service. This deposit is refundable upon request. No interest will accrue to the customer on deposits.  Utility customers can also take advantage of the Town’s free utility draft service.  Forms for these services and more are located below:

Application for Utility Service 

Utility Bank Draft Form
Waiver Form for Garbage Bin

Request for Adjustment Updated 2020


Fillable form: Click on link below, save document to your device and open with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro:

Rate Schedule for Water and Sewer

For new service connections System Development Fees will apply, please contact the Building Inspections Department for total applicable fees. 828-387-4236 ext. 113

The Town uses the SDF (System Development Fee) calculator to determine fee amounts.  Usage is considered by structure type, i.e., residential, commercial, and sub category.  Example fees for residential usage for combined water and sewer would be $3,246.00 for a single bedroom dwelling unit as a one time fee for new connections. 

The existing tap fees below also apply:

New Connection Charges

Tap$1000 water
$1000 sewer
$200 pavement restoration fee if applicable

For Example:

Deposit$50.00 water$50.00 sewertotal$100.00
SDF1 bedroom dwelling$3,246.00total$3,246
Tap Fee$1,000.00 water$1,000.00 sewertotal$2,000

Single bedroom dwelling water & sewer applied fees: Total $5,346.00
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Water Quality Report & Wastewater Annual Report

Beech Mountain 2019 Annual CCR Water Quality Report
The Town of Beech Mountain publishes annual reports about the quality of our drinking water and our performance in treating wastewater. Please click the links below for a copy of these reports.

FY19-20 Annual Wastewater Report 
FY 2018-19 annual report Amendment Sept-2020

Studies and Projects

2010 – 2015 Completed Utility Projects
Water and Sewer Study – Marion Rothrock, PE

BEECH MOUNTAIN UTILITIES GIS (may not function in Internet Explorer)

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