Tourism Development Authority Goals & Mission

Tourism Development Authority Goals and Mission

The Tourism Development Authority (TDA) exists to support the local tourism industry and to promote tourism-related activities in the Beech Mountain area. The Director of Tourism and Economic Development is further charged with the development of other economic opportunities that will improve the local economy and the quality of life for all residents of the Town of Beech Mountain.

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TDA Goals (2015 – 2020)

  • Support Existing Businesses within the Town of Beech Mountain
  • Assist in the development of new businesses that support the economy and enhance the lifestyle of residents of the Town of Beech Mountain
  • Complete a Walking Corridor extending the entire length of the Commercial District and linking the Beech Mountain Bark Park and the Beech Mountain Resort
  • Expand Beautification Efforts for the Commercial District and major routes of travel for visitors
  • Develop promotions on Beech Mountain to expand tourism into the low season
  • Connect the Beech Mountain Tourism Development Authority and Economic Development office with all other TDA and Economic Development offices in the region and the state
  • Enhance Marketing and Public Relations for the Town of Beech Mountain in areas where potential customers reside
  • Standardize requests for funds for tourism-related capital expenditures
  • Extend pavement the entire length of Buckeye Creek Road to increase tourism from visitors to the west of the town
  • Create the 20/20 Vision Committee to develop and oversee a comprehensive re-vitalization of the town of Beech Mountain, based upon the goals contained within this document and the Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Beech Mountain
  • Provide transportation for visitors and guests on the mountain throughout the year

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