Solid Waste/ Sanitation

Code of OrdinancesCode of Ordinance: including Chapter 50: Solid Waste Management
Ord. No. 2020-04 Chapter 50:Solid Waste Amendment adopted June-2020
Ord. No. 2020-05 Chapter 50 Solid Waste Management Bear containers Amendment adopted August-2020 signed ordinance
The Town of Beech Mountain provides weekly solid waste collection, curbside, to its residents. A monthly charge is added to your utility bill for this service. The solid waste collection schedule is shown below.

If you have any questions about which collection day applies to your property, please feel free to call the Public Works Department 828.387.9282.

Normal Schedule

Acorn Lane – Friday
Arrowood Road – Monday
Ash Lane – Wednesday
Aster Trail – Monday
Balsam Lane – Friday
Beadwood Lane – Wednesday
Bear Paw Path – Friday
Beech Mountain Parkway from Lake Road to Pine Ridge Road – Wednesday

Beech Mountain Parkway from Town Limit to Lake Road and from Pine Ridge Road to terminus – Monday
Beechtop Road -Tuesday
Beechwood Lane – Monday
Bent Creek Road – Tuesday
Birchwood Lane – Monday
Blackberry Trail – Wednesday
Bluebird Lane – Tuesday
Bobcat Lane – Friday
Bowshier Lane – Friday
Briarcliff Road – Friday
Briarwood Lane – Wednesday
Brookstone Lane -Friday
Brownstone Lane – Friday
Buckeye Creek Road – Friday
Castle Hill Lane – Friday
Cedar Lane – Friday
Charter Hills Road from east intersection with Dogwood Lane to terminus –Wednesday
Charter Hills Road from Parkway to east intersection with Dogwood Lane – Monday
Cherry Gap Road – Friday
Cherrybrook Lane – Friday
Chestnut Way – Tuesday
Chipmunk Lane – Friday
Christie Way – Tuesday
Clubhouse Road – Friday
Columbine Lane – Monday
Courtside Lane – Monday
Creekridge Road – Tuesday
Cricket Way – Tuesday
Deergrass Road- Friday
Divot Drive – Friday
Doe Lane -Wednesday
Dogwood Lane – Tuesday
East Blueberry Lane – Wednesday
East Shamrock Lane – Monday
Emerald Forest Lane -Tuesday
Fairway Drive – Friday
Fawn Lane – Monday
Fern Lane – Tuesday
Fireweed Lane – Wednesday
Fox Den Way -Tuesday
Foxgrape Hollow – Tuesday
Galax Lane – Tuesday
Golf Lane – Friday
Golfview Drive – Friday
Grassy Gap Creek Road – Friday
Grassy Gap Loop – Friday
Greenbriar Road – Wednesday
Ground Hog Trail -Tuesday
Hawthorne Road – Monday
Heather Lane – Wednesday
Hemlock Circle – Wednesday
Hemlock Spur – Friday
Hilltop Road – Monday
Hollow Tree Rd – Monday
Holly Lane – Monday
Honeysuckle Lane -Wednesday
Hoot Owl Lane – Wednesday
Hornbeam Road from Beechwood Lane to Hemlock Circle – Wednesday
Hornbeam Road from Parkway to Beechwood Lane – Monday
Hummingbird Lane – Monday
Indian Trail – Wednesday
Ivy Lane – Friday
Jackpine Road – Friday
Kick Turn Lane – Tuesday
Ladybug Lane – Monday
Lady’s Slipper Lane – Monday
Lake Road – Tuesday
Lakeledge Circle – Tuesday
Lakeledge Road – Tuesday
Locust Ridge Road – Wednesday
Lower Grouse Ridge Road – Wednesday
Lower Holiday Lane – Monday
Lower Snowbird Trail – Monday
Maple Lane – Friday
Maplewood Lane-Friday
Mariah Circle – Monday
Meadowview Circle – Tuesday
Mid Holiday Lane – Monday
Mill Pond Lane – Monday
Misty Hollow Lane -Tuesday
Mockingbird Lane – Monday
North Hickory Lane – Friday
North Pinnacle Ridge Road – Monday
Northridge Lane – Monday
Northridge Road – Monday
Oak Road – Friday
Old Field Road – Monday
Overbrook Knoll – Wednesday
Overbrook Trail- Wednesday
Owl Circle – Friday
Oz Circle-Tuesday
Oz Road-Tuesday
Pine Ridge Road (221 up to the Parkway) – Monday

Pine Ridge Road (222 to the bottom) – Friday
Pinnacle Ridge Road from Hollow Tree Road to Buckeye Creek Road –Friday
Pinnacle Ridge Road from the Parkway to Hollow Tree Road – Monday
Pond Creek Lane – Wednesday
Pond Creek Road – Wednesday
Pond View Lane – Tuesday
Poplar Drive – Friday
Putter Point – Friday
Raccoon Road – Friday
Rainbow End -Wednesday  
Raven Road – Monday
Red Oak Road – Monday
Rhododendron Drive – Friday

Sage Court – Friday
Sawmill Branch – Wednesday
Shagbark Road – Wednesday
Skibeech Road-Monday
Skiloft Road – Tuesday
Skiview Lane – Tuesday
Skiway Circle – Tuesday
Skiway Lane – Tuesday
Skiway Road – Tuesday
Slopeside Road – Monday
Snow Goose Lane – Friday
Snowplow Lane – Tuesday
Sourwood Lane – Friday
South Hickory Lane – Friday
South Indian Trail – Wednesday
Spicewood Lane – Friday
Spring Branch – Wednesday
Spruce Hollow Road -Monday
Squirrel Lane – Monday
Staghorn Hollow – Wednesday
St. Andrews Road – Friday
Strawberry Lane – Tuesday
Sugar Maple Lane – Wednesday
Summit Road -Wednesday
Sweetwater Drive – Friday
Tamarack Road – Wednesday
Teaberry Trail – Friday
Tiger Lily Trail – Wednesday
Thistle Lane -Monday
Toboggan Lane – Tuesday
Upper Grouse Ridge Road – Wednesday
Upper Holiday Lane – Monday
Upper Snowbird Trail – Monday
Village Cluster Road – Tuesday
Village Creek Drive – Tuesday
Village Road – Monday
Wedling Weg – Tuesday
Welsh Way -Friday
West Blueberry Lane – Wednesday
West Pond Creek Road – Tuesday
West Shamrock Lane – Monday
Whippoorwill Way – Monday
White Pine Lane – Wednesday
Wild Daisy Lane – Wednesday
Willow Run – Wednesday
Windy Way -Friday
Windridge Road – Wednesday
Wintergreen Way – Monday
Woodchuck Way – Wednesday
Woodland Road -Monday
Woodridge Road – Tuesday

Recycling Center Schedule

The Town of Beech Mountain provides a staffed recycling center located at 510 Beech Mountain Parkway (adjacent to the Public Works building). The Recycling Center is open throughout the year Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and is closed all day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Every residential dwelling is required to be equipped with two 35-gallon cans with tight-fitting lids. They are to be housed in a wooden enclosure (i.e. “Garbage bin”) built according to specifications available from the Town Clerk, 403 Beech Mountain Parkway, Beech Mountain, NC 28604-8012, 828/387-4236 (or by clicking the link below).  Also, it is recommended that owners drill weepholes in the bottom of their cans and tie the lids to the wooden enclosure.

Garbage Bin Specifications

NOTE: Beech Mountain is home to a number of black bears, ranging in size from adult to cubs. They have discovered the ease of eating from garbage cans, and evidence of their nightly presence will be overturned receptacles, scattered garbage, and so forth. It is recommended, especially during the summer months, that garbage not be placed into cans until the morning of collection day.

Sanitation Rate Schedule

To view the Town’s sanitation rate schedule click HERE.

Town Hall
Phone: (828) 387-4236

Tax / Billing
Phone: (828) 387-2751

Police (non-emergency)
Phone: (828) 387-2342

Town of Beech Mountain
403 Beech Mountain Pkwy
Beech Mountain, NC 28604
Phone: (828) 387-4236
Fax: (828) 387-4862

Fire Department (non-emergency)
Phone: (828) 387-4612

Public Works & Utilities
Phone: (828) 387-9282

Parks & Recreation
Phone: (828) 387-3003