Comprehensive Plan

The Town of Beech Mountain has adopted a Comprehensive Plan for the future growth and development. This plan was created through a year-and-a-half long process by Planning Board and Town Staff.  Public involvement was key to this process, as it was understood that a successful plan would require stakeholders in the town to take ownership of it and feel that it represented their goals and desires.


The Comprehensive Plan is intended to be a document that is broad in scope and forward thinking. It is intended to identify a compelling vision for the future of the town, and then set forth recommended strategies and policies to help realize those goals. The plan covers the whole spectrum of areas in which the town plays a role, including: Land Use, Community Appearance, Transportation, Water and Sewer, Public Safety, Recreation, Tourism and the Economy, and Environmental Sustainability. The creation of this plan is a significant step for the community.

It is intended that the plan remain a current and useful document that influences the Town’s decisions. 

Please download the document by clicking HERE.

Email your comments and suggestions regarding the plan to the Town Planner.

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